Cabri II Plus

Cabri II Plus

Cabri II Plus is a solution for math learning with interactive tools
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For math learning, the Cabri II Plus program is a great solution whether you're a teacher or a student of mathematics. The program's simple and structured office type interface provides you with easy access to tools for creating mathematical diagrams like points, lines, curves, circles and midpoints that can be freely manipulated by you. Any shape object that's complete can be moved. As well as numeric and algebraic tools, the program features advanced tools, which you can use to place and trace or display the paths of geometric figures. The program's tools will also allow you to redefine your objects by adding or subtracting constraints between objects. You can even design your own tools in order to reproduce frequently used objects with just a few clicks. Cabri II Plus now features a built-in assistant that features more than 60 classroom mathematical activities that guides you through your algebra, trigonometry and geometrical exploration. Activities can be exported to the web for sharing or to PNG format images for preparation of lectures or activities. With just a few mouse clicks you can create 2D and 3D figures and objects and use the program's equation tool to obtain the equations or algebraic expressions related to your objects or constructions. This excellent educational program will help introduce, teach, promote and discover new mathematical concepts, transformations and theorems.

R. Fernandez
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